Monday, May 16, 2016

New Technology: Puffy Bags Under Eyes = Gone


1. The technology is called Second Skin. It's temporary(24 hours) but DRAMATIC.
2. It's cosmetic but keep reading there's other stuff coming.
3. It's not available yet but will be at some point.
4. There already are similar products already available but not remotely as effective.
5. There is a collagen breakthrough that is more than cosmetic that will be public soon.
6, If you can live to 2029, you'll be able to "get younger" as you age.

What to do:

1.  Watch the top video:
This technology is coming. Its superficial but will bridge the gap to when cellular technology is available.

2.  Read the article:

3: Watch the bottom video:    This product is available. It only lasts 4 hours. The video looks amazing but the technology leaves a lot to be desired.

4.  Read this article. Women will will be doing this soon instead of Joan Rivers fake looking butchery procedures.

5: Here is hope for everyone hoping to take advantage of every anti-aging advancement to come down the pike:
Billion dollar Google company isn't paying Ray Kurzweil to get it wrong.

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